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Balance tip a form of small loans.

Many people are looking for it. Research shows that of all adult Dutch citizens, 94% are registered with the BKR. 6% of these have negative BKR coding. That can be very annoying when you want to take out a loan or credit: banks check with the BKR to what extent you can be expected to repay the money and that you can actually carry the loan amount as a loan. When you have a negative BKR coding on your pants, you can sometimes blow your money. That is why there is saldodipje.nl and Ferratum that bypass the BKR test and lend you a mini credit without a BKR test.

That may sound irresponsible, but it is only to a certain extent. Many people with a BKR coding have kept this coding from a slipper in the past and are currently solvent enough to take out a loan without BKR verification. That is why it is short of time to say that with a BKR code you can never borrow an amount again. These companies give you the opportunity. But you must consult yourself: can it really matter what I am going to do, can I miss this amount every month? If you have to give a negative answer to this, it is better not to borrow without a BKR check. Despite the fact that it is very attractive, you will probably go under it. Borrowing a mini-credit without BKR testing is therefore something that you have to think carefully about.

You can always compare mini credits!

You can always compare mini credits!

You can compare a mini-credit by simply reading through the conditions and selecting the cheapest. Comparing a mini-credit with other small loan providers such as saldodipje.nl and Ferratum is not easy if you do not know what to look out for. It is not so much the price you have to pay attention to but rather the duration of the mini-loan and the so-called hidden costs.

Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?

To start with, I can already write that people on benefits do not qualify for a mini credit. Students can also forget it and if you have too many bkr registrations then you will probably also be rejected for a mini credit.

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