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Easy online loans bad credit -Online loans for very bad credit: Rapid approval

Online loans for very bad credit: Rapid approval

All the necessary steps for loans for bad credit can be done online. You should also provide an e-mail address and phone number so that the bank can contact you if there are any queries. These questions can be clarified quickly in this way.

Along with the loan application, you must submit your current proof of income and a copy of your employment contract and your ID. If further documents are required, you will receive a notification before the application is submitted. Once all documents have been received, they will be checked by the bank. If everything is alright, the loan can be disbursed. The repayment begins after the end of the 2-month payment break. The bank will give you an exact date. In any case, you should abide by the agreements that have been made in order to avoid subsequent inconvenience.

A € 7,500 loan without credit bureau is a bank loan,

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Which is approved and paid by Soulcredit Bank in Liechtenstein. This loan is still a relatively new offer because so far only loan amounts of 3500 euros or 5000 euros without credit bureau information were available. Loans without credit bureau are basically only abroad and not in Germany. There, every bank or savings bank requests a credit bureau statement when a person makes a loan request. If there are negative entries, this usually means that the loan application can not be approved.

Credit conditions

Credit conditions

To apply for a 7500 euro loan without a credit bureau, you do not need to travel abroad but can do all the paperwork from home over the Internet. So you can save considerable costs. If necessary, you can seek the assistance of a credit intermediary. But it is also possible to submit the loan application alone and directly to Soulcredit Bank. All documents can be submitted together with the loan application via the Internet.

The loan amount is 7500 Euro and will be paid in full after the approval. This can be done on a checking account of your choice or postable. Alternatively, delivery by courier is available. The bank wants to do its utmost to ensure a maximum degree of anonymity and that no one learns of your credit, neither the credit bureau nor the principal bank, nor your employer.

The term of a 7500 euro loan without credit bureau is 42 months. However, you only have to pay regular loan installments for 40 months. Immediately after the loan has been paid, the bank will grant you a 2-month payment break.
A 7500 euro loan without credit bureau is always freely usable if it concerns an installment loan or a consumer credit. A car loan, however, is earmarked. It is also available through Soulcredit Bank. You have to decide in advance if you need an installment loan or a car loan. Although the requirements are similar, however, you must be aware that you need to provide proof of use for a car loan. A foreign use is not permitted here. The car loan is for the sole purpose of financing a car.
In a consumer loan, the bank is not interested in what you use the money for.

The monthly loan installments are contractually agreed after the loan approval. You should be aware that you not only have to repay the loan you have taken but also pay interest. These interest rates are usually higher than the interest charged on a normal German installment loan. As a rule, interest rates are around 11% or slightly higher. The risk is higher with a 7500 euro loan without credit bureau than with other credits. This is the reason why Soulcredit Bank demands higher interest rates.


Credit worthiness

The creditworthiness of the borrower plays a central role in every loan application. This is no different with a 7500 euro loan without a credit bureau. Nevertheless, some of the conditions differ significantly from the requirements that apply to German bank loans. Thus, only the income and not the credit bureau information plays an important role in the assessment of creditworthiness.

The income must, in any case, be above the officially established seizure limit. Otherwise, it can not be used to pay down the loan installments and, in the case of arrears, can not be seized by the bank. However, this is the basic requirement, since income is usually the only security that the bank can use for a € 7500 loan without a credit bureau. Soulcredit Bank makes it a condition that the customer earns an income that is at least 80 euros per month above the attachment exemption limit. The higher the income, the better it is for all parties involved.

A € 7,500 loan not only demands that the borrower is in permanent employment, but also that this employment relationship has been in place for four years without interruption. In addition, the employment contract must not be terminated. Only if a person has already received a loan without credit bureau in the past, it may be possible that they can receive a € 7500 loan even with a work contract that has existed for at least a year. Although this period is sufficient for a € 3,500 loan or a € 5,000 loan from Soulcredit Bank, this is normally not the case for a € 7,500 loan.

For self-employed and freelancers, but also for other groups of people who do not receive a fixed income, it is unfortunately not possible to obtain a € 7500 loan without credit bureau from Soulcredit Bank based in Liechtenstein. Other statements are dubious and lack any serious basis.
The creditor must be either an employee or civil servant. If he is not, he has the option of naming a second applicant or guarantor who must meet these requirements.

Other requirements for a 7500 euro loan without credit bureau are a permanent residence in Germany, German citizenship and reaching the age of majority. The upper age limit is currently 62 years. Anyone who has already passed them is not eligible for a loan but may appoint a younger co-applicant.

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